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Brands that consistently launch campaigns on ENDVR experience an increase in Retail Sales

Average Increase in Retail Sales
(Same Store Basis)


Average Return on Associate Spend (ROAS)


Sales Associates Feel More Confident After Education on ENDVR

What is ENDVR


ENDVR is a digital platform that empowers brands and retailers to elevate in-store experiences, educate sales associates, and incentivize them to sell more, giving brands exactly what they need to support valued retail partners in their largest sales channel.

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How ENDVR Helps

✔ Incentivize
front-line team with digital incentives, quick approvals, and instant sales tracking.

✔ Educate associates using on-demand brand education and reward top influencers.
✔ Elevate your brand with digital campaigns, inventory checks, and frontline associate insights.

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