Taking the Pulse of the Store Floor [Part 1]:

Insights from Frontline Retail Staff in the Active Outdoor Sector that Brands Should Be Aware Of

A survey conducted by ENDVR gathered insights from over 175 frontline retail employees in the active outdoor retail sector across North America. The findings shed light on workplace satisfaction, compensation concerns, and how these factors impact brand loyalty and sales performance. In the midst of industry layoffs and evolving retail dynamics, these results underscore the challenges faced by retail employees and their consequential effects on the brands they represent.


What is ENDVR

ENDVR is a retail sales enablement platform helping brands increase sales and sell-through by digitizing brand-employee connections and fostering consumer loyalty. Through data-driven growth insights, automated sales incentives, and real-time sales tracking, and other sales enablement tools, ENDVR empowers brands to increase product sales, accelerating retailer product movement and incentivizing frontline staff to confidently sell faster.

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How ENDVR Helps

✔ Incentivize
front-line team with digital incentives, quick approvals, and instant sales tracking.

✔ Educate associates using on-demand brand education and reward top influencers.
✔ Elevate your brand with digital campaigns, inventory checks, and frontline associate insights.

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