Fireside Chat Recap:

Q&A Overview With Matt Powell and Steve Gendron

Industry experts Matt Powell and ENDVR's CEO, Steve Gendron, covered topics about key challenges and opportunities in retail today. See below answers to your burning questions about evolving consumer behaviors, leveraging digital platforms and why brands need to invest in educating sales associates on the shop floor.

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1. How do you make an impact with floor staff when turnover is at an all time high?

Direct from Matt Powell: "Well-trained staff are going to stick around!"

Despite turnover challenges, discover how Matt and Steve suggest leveraging technology to make an impact.

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2. What are brands getting wrong about the way they approach Point Of Sale solutions for retailers?

Brands often fail to integrate their POS solutions effectively with the retailer's existing systems, leading to disruptions and inefficiencies. They may also overlook the importance of training retail staff adequately on how to use these solutions to enhance customer service.

3. As a multi-channel brand, how can we strike a balance in our promotions to avoid directly competing with our retailers?

Coordinate promotions across channels, ensuring that DTC discounts are timed differently from wholesale promotions, or offer exclusive products or bundles in each channel. Communication with retailers about upcoming promotions can help manage expectations and maintain relationships.

4. What guidance do you have for how brands should think about the value of brand exposure in a channel even if it doesn't convert?So for example, physical retail store that may not have a great 4-Wall EBITDA, but is responsible for creating loyal online customers

According to Matt Powell, your brand can afford to place products in stores that aren't quickly turning inventory. The key is ensuring your products have visibility and allowing customers to touch, try, and experience your brand in-store.

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5. How do we continue to add value to a consumer by not just closing a sale but also educating them on the correct and appropriate product?

Leverage digital tools and platforms to provide comprehensive product information, user guides, and expert advice. Create content that educates consumers about your products’ technical aspects and benefits.

6. How would you suggest becoming more visible on the sales floor in stores where there are fewer merchandising opportunities?

Focus on building strong relationships with store staff to become advocates for your brand, utilize digital displays if possible, and leverage any available technology, like ENDVR to enhance product visibility and engagement in-store.

7. Looking to the future of retail and technology, what does that look like, and what is ENDVR doing to stay ahead of the curve?

From Matt Powell: The lines between online and in-store shopping are increasingly blurred. Consumers might research online but purchase in-store, focusing on convenience rather than the channel. It's all about meeting customers wherever, whenever, and however they want to shop. To adapt, brands and retailers must collaborate effectively, leveraging ENDVR technology to strike the right balance.

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8. What are the main retail channels for ENDVR and who are the main retail partners within those channels?

ENDVR specializes in enhancing the retail experience by connecting brands with sales associates and retail partners to boost sales, particularly in brick-and-mortar stores.

Our platform engages nearly 13,000 stores in North America, including major retailers like SHEELS, Sportsman, Sun & Ski Sports, EVO, Sport Chek, MEC, and Sporting Life. These partnerships connect brands to over 74,000 active store employees, facilitating impactful consumer interactions that drive sales and enhance brand loyalty in brick-and-mortar settings.

9. What is ENDVR pricing cost and what would it include?

At ENDVR, we offer flexible options tailored to meet the unique needs of your brand. Here are our two primary offerings:

ENDVR Launchpad: Ideal for Brands looking for a comprehensive solution to kickstart their sales enablement journey with a full suite of services.

ENDVR Custom Fit: Ideal for Brands seeking a flexible and customizable platform to refine their sales strategies and operational efficiencies based on specific goals and challenges.

Please don't hesitate to contact our sales team or visit our pricing page on the ENDVR website for more detailed information and to request a quote tailored to your specific requirements.

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