Boost In-Store Customer Acquisition

ENDVR is made for anyone in sales or marketing working for a brand in the action sports industry that sells products in retail stores.

If that's you and you are looking for a scalable way to boost your wholesale customer acquisition, ENDVR is for you.

Digital sales contests, learning modules, surveys and much more!


In Sales Through Sales Contests

More than $140M have been generated for brands through sales contests on ENDVR. Plus, they allow you to know the price sales associates are selling your products for and this populates your custom dashboard.


Missions Completed

Anything you put up on the app, such as sales contests, learning modules or surveys, are called missions. More than 1,000,000 of these have been completed.


Employees Incentivized

Shop employees are the hardest to reach, train & motivate. They are in the greatest position to influence consumers purchasing decision about your products. Use ENDVR to immensely increase your reach.

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How It Works

1. Create a Mission

  • Sales contest
  • Learning mission
  • Survey
  • Merchandising-related mission
  • Other...

2. Add a Reward

  • Money
  • Discount
  • Free product
  • Gift card
  • Prize

3. Determine the Settings 

  • End date or budget
  • Enter which stores you want to target

4. Launch Your Campaign!

Your mission reaches the hundreds of frontline employees in the stores you targeted. They will complete the mission in the following days and you will track the ROI and all important metrics in your custom dashboard.

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How ENDVR Solves Your Problems


Otis Logo

US Sales Director at OTIS Eyewear

"I can’t say enough great things about our experience with ENDVR so far. From the ease of setting up our campaigns with the ENDVR internal team, the roll out to the floor staff of our retailers and everything in between, ENDVR has exceeded all expectations. There is no doubt the implantation of our ENDVR Campaigns has helped fuel the significant growth we have seen with OTIS Eyewear."

Smith Logo

VP Global Sales at Smith Optics

"We have noted enhanced growth rates within accounts that have utilized it, and the simplicity and instant gratification for the floor staff has been key. On the backend, we receive robust, yet simple to digest, reporting that helps us to better evaluate our performance and product success"

Burton logo

Marketing Director at Burton

"ENDVR is not only a great experience, it’s a massive resource saving solution for brands and retailers that want to train, incentivize, and gather quality intel from their sales associates. Everything about it is simple, effortless, and rapid. You can take an idea and bring it to life in a matter of minutes. We will never run sales contests the old way again."

How ENDVR Translates Into Sales

500% ROI

Brands have a reported a 500% to 1,200% ROI when using ENDVR.

40% Increase in Sales

On average, brands report a 40% increase in sales when running sales contests on ENDVR VS the traditional way.

98% More Confident

Almost 100% of frontline employees said they felt more confident to sell a brand after learning about it on ENDVR.